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Mereka is a platform that opens the doors for educational and creative growth by fully utilizing the resources that our community has to offer.

Who Is Mereka For?

Mereka was created for everyone who craves creativity, and most of all, the endless desire to learn.

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Learners are those who wish to develop new skills, connect with like-minded peers, and expand their horizons. From students to entrepreneurs to hobbyists, absolutely everyone can be a Learner and find something that suits their needs and interests!

Expand Your Creative Horizons

Mereka isn’t just a platform – it’s a ladder to endless possibilities! Every feature is carefully crafted to maximize how much you learn, network, and create.


Personalize your very own profile to suit your learning needs. Get Experience, Space and Expert recommendations based on your selected interests!


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Discovery Pass

Are you a hesitant first-time user? Utilize a Discovery Pass and book your first sponsored service for FREE to get a no-cost run-through of the platform.


Experiences make up your learning journey. They cater to your hunger for knowledge and proficiency. Whether it’s a talk, a workshop, or even courses and programs, our unique and dedicated lineup of Hubs has got you covered!


Spaces provide a conducive environment for creatives, entrepreneurs, or even a group of friends to collaborate and innovate. With Spaces such as art sudios, convention centers, and coworking areas, Mereka hosts an all-star roster of eager Hubs that have the amenities to suit your needs!

From Learner to Expert

If your journey as a Learner has progressed to a point where you feel that you can provide value to others with your skills and know-how, we encourage you to consider becoming an Expert!

Mereka Experts are verified professionals who possess either an educational background or substantial experience in one or many fields. To be an Expert on Mereka is to run and gain exposure to a wide range of services such as managing Hubs, conducting Experiences, and hosting Spaces.

Our platform is geared for learning without limits, and our resident Hubs share the very same philosophy that education and resources should be accessible for all.

Together, we strive to provide sponsored opportunities to underserved communities through our Learner Pass program!

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Mereka hands you the keys to a network of resources and opportunities larger than life. Why not see what it’s all about?