Don't let opportunities pass you by!

A Learner Pass is a unique chance for eligible individuals to book educational content worth up to RM1,000.

Ever dreamed of becoming a welding or woodworking expert?
Or thought about exploring gig economy opportunities?

The Mereka Learner Pass has got you covered!
Get up to RM1,000 worth of credits to book educational and creative content free of charge.

What's up for grabs?

Free Access to Sponsored Services

Gain access to a wide range of sponsored Experiences, as well as Spaces and Machines (coming soon). From a beginner 3D printing class, to a bluetooth speaker workshop, to a gig economy webinar – you name it, we have it!

Worth of Credits

Each eligible Learner is awarded a RM600 worth of credits for the duration of 6 months. But that’s not it! Spend all your credits before the expiration date, and we will send you 400 extra credits as a bonus!

Priority Access to Me.reka Programs

Learner Pass Holders are given priority access to further upskilling opportunities outside the platform. Apply today, confirm your eligibility and stand a chance to be provided a scholarship spot within the Me.reka Digital Entrepreneurship Program.

What are my next steps?

Check your eligibility

  • Open to persons of all nationalities, genders, ages and backgrounds residing in Malaysia.


  • Proven individual income of up to RM4,000/month.


  • Your application form is complete. Please be informed that we will not review the applications with missing data.


  • Learner Pass Holders who spend their entire balance within 6 month starting from the date of approval are eligible for 400 extra credits. Hurry up!

Apply and book our Experiences


Sounds like a plan?

Then what are you waiting for? Become a Learner Pass Holder today!